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With the rapidly-increasing number of Emerald Ash Borer infestations in Barrie and the rest of Simcoe County, it is imperative that homeowners, businesses and municipalities pay close attention to the health of their ash trees, which can be quickly devastated by this invasive pest (complete death can occur as quickly as 12-24 months after invasion). Often times, the signs and symptoms of an infestation are subtle to the untrained-eye, so it is advisable to have a property assessment by a certified arborist to identify the trees on your property that will inevitably be affected and destroyed by this rampant pest.

Treatment options to provide the tree with immunity from Emerald Ash Borer are available, and are best administered if the tree is free of E.A.B., or the invasion is in its early stages. Our treatment method is very successful (100% survival rate of treated trees thus far), and a member of our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you my have about them.

If there is no intention on providing protection to your ash trees, it is advised to remove them before they become structurally weak and hazardous to deal with. Once the trees have died, methods of safe removal are limited, and often times a mobile crane is needed to complete the removals.

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